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Empower your mobile staff with Employee Self Service, when and where you need it.

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Workforce Management

Mobile Solution


ExecuTime Mobile allows employees and supervisors to have access to their time and attendance, as well as, their scheduling anytime, anywhere. Regardless of your location, you will have

peace-of-mind knowing that you can effortlessly respond to any workforce management scenario through your mobile or tablet device. Employees can easily clock in or out and have access to a multitude of time and attendance tools.


We understand that your workforce is not always behind a desk. There are many employees that are out in the field and they need a time management solution that is as mobile as they are. ExecuTime delivers and it will dramatically increase the efficiency in which your workforce operates.


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ExecuTime Mobile for Managers:


• View and Approve Timesheets

• Address Shift Conflicts

• Address Employee Requests

• Resolve Exceptions

• View Job Costing

• Access Employee Schedules


ExecuTime Mobile for Employees:


• Clock In/Out

• Job Costing

• View Time Worked

• View Accrual Balances

• Request Time Off

• Approve Time Card

• Overtime Hours Request

• Real-time Access to Employee Schedules

• View My Schedule

• Accept/Decline Open Shifts

• Accept/Decline Trades


Multi-Platform Functionality: iPhone,  Android, and Windows

What This Means to You:


• ExecuTime strives to be in touch with changing business trends by staying abreast of emerging technology.


• The features currently available in ExecuTime Mobile allows supervisors to dynamically manage employees with

   real-time data.


• Give Employees the flexibility to manage their day from anywhere.


• Receive notifications and alerts in numerous formats including email.


• Take action fast, achieve instant visibility and increase efficiency throughout your day.


ExecuTime Mobile Delivers


Through your mobile device you can find out when your shift is, if you can take a day off, and other answers to the many questions that come up throughout the day. So this means that you don’t have to call the administration office during work hours to find out how many days of vacation you have or if you can swap a shift with someone else. This increases workforce productivity and raises morale by offering a tool which reduces the headaches of time management.

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