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What is the Cloud?


No IT department? No internal infrastructure? No Worries!  ExecuTime can host your application with immediate access to your staff from the cloud.  Whether your employees clock in from an Internet browser, time clock or mobile device, you can manage all the information through the Web.




• No software to install

• No server hardware investment

• No worries about equipment and operating system updates

• No investment in IT staff

• No backup and redundancy headaches

• High Availability with failure protection

• Instance scalability to add server capacity


ExecuTime in the cloud adds a new layer of efficiency by allowing you to access your workforce management solutions anywhere, anytime and on any device . Whether you are in the field or in the office you will have complete access to all of the services offered by ExecuTime.


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Security and Peace of Mind


Computers can fail, get stolen or be damaged. Losing data, such as employee time records, could mean disaster for any company. The Cloud keeps all of your information backed up and on secure servers so that you can be confident that your information is accessible and safe regardless of what happens to your computer.


Our Cloud environment holds access to multiple Tier 3 & 4 data center facilities with SAS70, IS27001, network security, high availability, scheduled backups and 24/7 support.  All data centers have redundant commercial power feeds with continuous power supplies that serve each data room (N+1).  Each center can operate at 100% connected load on five HiTechs and two standby generators.  There is a redundant DC power batter system and 20,000 gallons of on-site diesel fuel supply.  Each center is equipped with a state of the art HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) and 24/7 monitored fire suppression system.


Our servers are monitored and managed 24/7 by a team of network engineers.  This team ensures the overall server health is maintained such as operating system monitoring, installing patches and load balancing to provide the best performance possible.  All server data is routinely backup and placed on a 14 day rotation cycle.


Saving the Environment


Totally on-line, employees are able to clock in and out, supervisors can review and manage time entries. ExecuTime saves you money by not wasting expensive paper resources. We can help you reduce your carbon footprint.


What is Premise?


Already have a skilled set of IT Professionals?  No Problem!  Gain full control with a self-hosted premise solution.    ExecuTime Premise provides our customers with internal management of software and hardware. Sometimes it makes more sense for companies to host the software and data on their own personal servers. With ExecuTime Premise you can do just that, proving once again how much flexibility there is with ExecuTime Software.





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